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Kasper Faunafood

Under the trademark Kasper Faunafood, Arie Blok Pet Food develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality products for pets, hobby and exotic animals. Not only many hobbyists but also professional users like zoos and breeders achieve the best results with Kasper Faunafood.

Starting point always is what the animal eats in its natural habitat. When composing food this is taken into account, as well as the nutritional needs of the animals during various stages of development. That is why we are developing our own premixtures to be able to meet the requirements of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Besides the raw materials are carefully selected and examined to make sure that the nutritional value and percentages are meeting the standards so that only first quality is used.

Arie Blok Pet Food is GMP+ certified (GMP + HACCP, certified for trading and producing animal food). The strict standards for quality and procedures are tested in our own certified laboratory. Animals fed with Kasper Faunafood are performing just that bit better and keep more healthy. Our quality food guarantees high performance.

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