Dierenparade Noordshow 2022 has been cancelled

Due to all the measures surrounding Covid and Bird Flu, the board of the Dierenparade Noordshow has unfortunately had to decide to cancel the show for 2022 in Hardenberg.
Noordshow Hardenberg 2022

North Show Animal Parade on Thu 20 - Fri 21 - Sat 22 Jan 2022
8,500 animals and 10,000 visitors

The North Show Animal Parade is an association of especially small animal associations from the 4 northern provinces and has been for years the largest show in the Netherlands. From now on, (green) schools can also become members. It is expected that some 8,500 animals will be registered and over 10,000 people will visit this animal parade event.
Cooperation with AOCs and ROC (schools): more space for youth

The strength and the basis of the Noordshow are the 50 member associations with at least 400 volunteers. Without them, there is no show! From now on, they will be supported by pupils and students of various northern AOCs and ROCs. The Noordshow animal show is from and for breeders and also aims explicitly at enthusiasts, such as children, youth, young families and other target groups.

New chairman
The association Dierenparade Noordshow is waving goodbye to its chairman after years of fabulous commitment. Evert Visser is the intended successor. This will be decided at the members' meeting in mid-2021.

All information about Dierenparade Noordshow can be found at:
www.noordshow.nl | https://www.facebook.com/Noordshow/
Contact person: Jaap Solle | secretaris@noordshow.nl | +31(0)6 - 57 37 83 84
PR Committee | pr@noordshow.nl | +31(0)6 - 53 37 16 88

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