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Under the trademark Kasper Faunafood, Arie Blok develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality products for pets, hobby and exotic animals.

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Knabber-Max is essential for good digestion due to the presence of crude fibre. The fibres and the pressed shape of the Knabber-Max ensure that the rabbit has to nibble vigorously so that their ever-growing incisors wear down sufficiently.

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Kasper Faunafood assortment


Kasper Faunafood has a range of feeds, pellets, crumbs, floatings (floating feed), mixes and grain mixtures that perfectly meet the needs of waterfowls under the name Anseres.

Poultry feed

Kasper Faunafood has a range of feeds pellets, crumbs, meals, mixes and grain blends that perfectly suit the needs of poultry. Poultry feeds are specially developed for chickens that are kept for their liveliness around the house, quietly scurrying around & laying fresh eggs.

Ornamental fowls

Kasper Faunafood developed a range of feeds to meet the special needs of ornamental fowls such as peacocks, partridges, quail, ... .

Kasper Faunafood

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