Anseres Micro Floating

Anseres Micro (Rearing) Floating was developed especially for diving and sea duck chicks.

Anseres Micro (Rearing) Floating was developed especially for diving and sea duck chicks. This very small pellet contains animal proteins and - as the name suggests - it floats. This makes it very suitable to feed this pellet on water to chicks which are raised naturally by their parents. When Micro Floating is sprinkled on the water, the chicks will see the mother duck eating and will soon follow her example. Anseres Micro (Rearing) Floating is also suitable for feeding hand-reared chicks in a shallow feeding dish. Also suitable for chicks which are difficult to feed. When the pellets are offered in a shallow dish with a dropper above it, the movement of the pellets will trigger the chicks to eat the product.

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June 14th, 2021

Video ExpertMeeting rabbits and rodent nutrition 🎦 During an Expert Meeting, one or more experts speak about a specific topic within the small animal hobby. During this online meeting, 'attendees' can ask questions. This ExpertMeeting focuses on the topic of "Nutrition for rabbits and rodents". Kasper Faunafood and Black & White Small Pets are the guest speakers.

August 24th, 2021

The lambs are born, what is the best food to give them now?

For the first few days, newborn lambs only drink milk from their mothers. Then they carefully start eating solid food, such as pasture grass. It is then important that the rumen in which grass and hay must be digested (actually we should say 'fermented by the rumen flora') develops properly. For this purpose, it is important that the lambs have access to unlimited tasty concentrates, so that the rumen function is carefully but properly developed. 

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