Eco-friendlier feeding with Kasper Faunafood

Global warming and its evolution is one of the key policy priorities. The next few years are crucial in reducing CO2 emissions and adapting to the changing climate. We too have an important role to play here and are under pressure to reduce our carbon footprint.
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Sustainable feeding

Kasper Faunafood goes for sustainability! All our Chickens, Bantams and Ornamental Fowl Multi- and Vitamixes have been adapted to a more environmentally friendly alternative. We do this by removing soy and palm oil from our feeds. Both in our small and large packs.

Free of soya

Soybean meal is a very interesting raw material because of its high protein content, good digestibility and very interesting amino acid composition. Because of its environmental impact, the use of soy is increasingly questioned. For some time, alternatives to soybean meal with less environmental impact have been sought. Not only environmental impact is a consideration. Dependence on protein from outside Europe is also causing various initiatives to be taken to produce more local protein.

Free of palm oil
Palm oil is a vegetable oil that gives structure to many products. Palm oil is made from the pulp that comes from the palm fruit. Palm oil is in very high demand. Every year, 47 million tonnes (!) of palm oil is produced. Every hour, a hundred football fields of tropical rainforest literally go up in smoke. This happens to make way for palm oil plantations.

Most of the feeds in Kasper Faunafood's range are produced in Arie Blok's factory in Woerden. Strict requirements in the purchase of raw materials, careful production and meticulous inspection of the feeds ensure da

Poultry assortment for adult animals

Kasper Faunafood has a range of feeds: meal, pellets, mixes and mixed grain for chickens. These feeds have been specially developed for chickens that are kept for their liveliness around the house, quietly scurrying around and laying a fresh egg once in a while or every day. Feeding chickens is a fun activity, they always respond enthusiastically when they are fed. Chickens do tend to eat the tastiest things first. For example, the grains, seeds and flake crustaceans. These ingredients in Kasper Faunafood's feeds are so tasty that they can even be used to make chickens tame!

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