Poultry assortment for adult animals

Kasper Faunafood has a range of feeds: meal, pellets, mixes and mixed grain for chickens. These feeds have been specially developed for chickens that are kept for their liveliness around the house, quietly scurrying around and laying a fresh egg once in a while or every day. Feeding chickens is a fun activity, they always respond enthusiastically when they are fed. Chickens do tend to eat the tastiest things first. For example, the grains, seeds and flake crustaceans. These ingredients in Kasper Faunafood's feeds are so tasty that they can even be used to make chickens tame!

Pellets/meal (complete feed)

In addition to a complete feed (pellet or meal), provide up to 25% grain mixture to promote free-range behavior of the chickens.


Mixes are feeds that consist of mixed grain, a vitamin-mineral pellet, grit and stomach gravel. They are therefore true all-in-one products. Only the chicken Smulmix is an exception, this is really a treat for your chickens.

Mixed Cereals

Always provide a mixed grain in addition to a complete feed, maximum 25% of the daily ration. Preferably spread it out to stimulate the chickens' free-range behavior. Offer chicken grit in addition to a mixed grain to support the digestion of the grains and as a source of calcium for the eggshells.

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