Poultry assortment for young animals

Kasper Faunafood has a range of feeds crumb, meal, pellet, mixes and mixed grain for chicks. Chicks can walk, eat and squeak immediately after they crawl out of the egg. Offer a bowl of water and feed from day 1. From the age of 4 days chicks start to produce digestive enzymes which allow them to digest the fine broken grains as well. Broken grains provide a good development of crop and gizzard. The chicks will spend the first few days mainly between the soft, warm down of the mother hen; after that they will start to scratch around more and more. The mother hen will protect her chicks as much as possible. Chicks learn to copy their mother's behavior there.

Kasper Faunafood

Postbus 30
3440 AA Woerden

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