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The assortment can be divided into pellets and mixed feed for rodents. When composing the feed, the need for gnawing has been taken into consideration.

Feeding advice

  • Fresh and clean water should always be available, preferable in a water bottle with nipple.
  • Feed moderately under changing circumstances (shows, moving) to prevent intestine disorder.
  • Offering a different type of food should always be done gradually.
  • The largest quantity of food should be given late in the afternoon because rodents are more active at night.

Rodent pellet
When feeding rodents their need for gnawing has to be considered. Kasper Faunafood rodent pellet consists of thick, crushed pellets that meet the gnawing need of rodents. Rodents are omnivores and the rich choice of raw materials completely meets with the nutritional requirements. The animals can be given free access to their food; their feeding pans may always be filled. Take care that there is always fresh and clean water available.

Rabbit gnawing mix 
A rich mixture of several cereals and legumes, sunflower seed, vegetables, carobs and vitamin pellets. This fine selection is also suitable for hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, squirrels, mice etc.

Rodent pellet
20 kg

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