The right food for your sheep and lambs!


The right food for your sheep and lambs!

The staple diet of sheep is grass and hay, sheep pellets can be given as needed. Grass and hay, i.e. roughage, provide a lot of mass for good rumen function. Concentrated feed has little volume, but provides a lot of energy. If plenty of roughage is available, sheep pellets are only minimally supplemented. Sheep pellets are given to meet vitamin and mineral requirements.

A tuft of hay every day promotes good digestion. In autumn and in winter, when grass becomes scarcer and nutritional values drop, feed more hay and sheep pellets on top.

If sheep are pregnant, it is important to increase the amount of sheep pellets from the second half of pregnancy. The quantity also depends on the condition, but on average, pregnant ewes are fed 300-500 grams of feed per animal per day on pasture. Ewes with plenty of nursing lambs are fed 750-1000 grams of feed per day. When the lambs start eating on their own, the extra feed for the ewe can be reduced, depending on its condition.

Kasper Faunafood Sheep Pellet Maintenance is a 4 mm pellet that meets the needs for vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It contains a limited amount of energy and protein appropriate to the nutritional needs of adult, non-pregnant sheep.

Sheep pellet Lacta is a 4 mm pellet for pregnant and lactating sheep. It contains more energy and protein than the Sheep Pellet Maintenance, this is for a good condition of the ewes and to get a good gestation and healthy lambs.

The Lammerenkorrel is a rearing pellet, to be fed from 2 weeks. This Lambing Pellet is also suitable for lambs that need to grow quickly.

Sheep do not tolerate copper, which is why it is not added to the concentrates. Heath sheep do tolerate copper and sometimes really need it. Then we recommend feeding a cattle pellet.

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