Waterfowls can be subdivided into Ornamental waterfowls, Domestic waterfowls and Stilt-walkers. These many waterfowls have different requirements for their food; floating or non-floating, purely vegetable or with animal ingredients, for growth or maintenance, etc. Therefore Kasper Faunafood has a wide range of products in the Anseres line; for young and adult fowls, for both land and water (floating), in different forms: crumb, pellet, floating and mixed grain, pure vegetable feed and feed with fishmeal. The special food for all ornamental waterfowls in ponds, petting zoos, city parks, zoos and in the wild.

Floating for adult waterfowls

From the age of 12 weeks waterfowls can be fed with feed for adult waterfowls. These feeds are divided into 2 categories: in pellet form for distribution on land and in extruded form (floating) for distribution both on land and in water. In addition to complete feed, give a maximum of 25% grain mixture to promote the free-range behavior of waterfowls. Floatings are specially designed for waterfowls that like to eat on the water.

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