Zoo Specialties

Kasper Faunafood 'Zoo Specialities' is a special assortment for animals held in Zoos and wildlife parks. In developing the feed we pay special attention to the feeding habits of the animals in their natural habitat. Raw materials are carefully selected and checked for nutritional value to ensure only the best quality ingredients are being processed. The feed has a varied and well-balanced composition, which helps in build and maintain the animal's condition.

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Our well-balanced mixtures with the greatest possible variety of seeds and grains give the best results when used correctly. Providing only mixes is possible in certain situations, however, during the breeding season or during the racing season, shortages of certain vitamins, minerals, and some amino acids may occur. Therefore, it is advisable to provide the P40 Powerfood for Pigeons as a supplement to a mixture. Look for more information of the P40 Powerfood for Pigeons on page. 6 Our range of pigeon feeds consists of: • P40 Powerfood for Pigeons • The 4 Seasons mixture for Pigeons • Shortbeak pigeon food • The Turtle dove food

Kasper Faunafood

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