Zoo Specialties

Kasper Faunafood 'Zoo Specialities' is a special assortment for animals held in Zoos and wildlife parks. In developing the feed we pay special attention to the feeding habits of the animals in their natural habitat. Raw materials are carefully selected and checked for nutritional value to ensure only the best quality ingredients are being processed. The feed has a varied and well-balanced composition, which helps in build and maintain the animal's condition.

Pellets for adult waterfowls

From the age of 12 weeks waterfowls can be fed with feed for adult waterfowls. These feeds are divided into 2 categories: in pellet form for distribution on land and in extruded form (floating) for distribution both on land and in water. In addition to complete feed, give a maximum of 25% grain mixture to promote the free-range behavior of waterfowls.

ZOO Specialties for Fish-eating Animals

For fish-eating animals, there are several Akwavit products.

Guinea pigs

Er zijn twee belangrijke voedselbestand- delen die de cavia beslist nodig heeft om gezond te blijven. Ten eerste hebben cavia’s veel behoefte aan ruwe vezels. De beste vezelleverancier voor de cavia is hooi, dat altijd in voldoende mate in de kooi aanwezig moet zijn. Hooi bevat belangrijke voedingsstoffen en stimuleert bovendien de werking van de darmen en het slijten van tanden en kiezen. Naast ruwe vezels heeft een cavia dagelijks een portie vitamine C nodig. Deze vitamine kan een cavia niet zelf aanmaken. Cavia’s kunnen naar behoefte gevoerd worden, ze stoppen met eten als ze genoeg hebben. Geschikte groenten- en fruitsoorten voor cavia’s zijn appel, witlof, wortel, boerenkool en andijvie.


Chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system that is set up for a high-fiber and furthermore rather sparse menu. An excess of fats, proteins and other nutrients, but also the smallest amount of moldy food will lead irrevocably to diarrhea. Fruit and vegetables should only be consumed sparingly, preferably no more than 1 small piece per week and then only those varieties that contain relatively little moisture such as a small piece of apple or a blackberry.


Kasper Faunafood has pellets that perfectly meet the needs of rodents. Most rodents are small, robust animals with short limbs and a long tail. All species are characterized by well-developed incisors. They use these sharp teeth to gnaw on food, dig burrows and defend themselves. Most rodents live on seeds or other plant-baits but some have a more varied diet. For a mixed product, see Rabbit Rodent Mix (380220) under Rabbits. For a pellet with animal protein, please see the Omnivorous pellet (254001) under Zoo Specialties.

Mixed rabbit feed

Next to pellets, Kasper Faunafood also has mixed feed for rabbits. These feeds contain ingredients such as whole grains, seeds, vegetables and a vitamin-mineral pellet. These tasty and varied feeds are in line with the nutritional needs of rabbits as long as it is fully eaten and accompanied by hay. Mixed feed can also be used as variation to the pellet.

Pellets for rabbits

Pellets are complete feeds, for young rabbits, adult rabbits and feeders as well, always give roughage in addition.





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